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Hi - I read about you on the Boondocks website some time ago, and hope this will reach you! My husband and I have a 27 ft. sailboat near Oriental, NC and are getting plans together to retire and purchase a bigger boat. We are intrigued by the Whitby 42, and went to see one last week. This particular boat was in poor shape, but we loved the design of the boat. I remembered reading about you having a Whitby. We would love to talk to you about cruising and Whitby 42's! Hope your travels are going well.

Jo Lawson

Hi Jo and Barry,

It was good to hear from you! We'd be more than happy to discuss the Whitby 42 and other aspects of cruising with you... right now we're a little busy though. We're trying to get back moving again after spending the past 3 and a half months in the Daytona Beach area. We only intended to spend a month here, but we keep getting pelted with hurricanes! We hope to leave this weekend South to Key West... and if nothing else gets in the way, we'll head across the Gulf of Mexico to the Yucatan Peninsula next.

You can catch up on our travels for the past couple of years at our website summerthor.bekiservices.com

The short answer about Whitby's is that we really do like our boat and think it is a very good choice for cruising... but keep in mind that ALL boats have problems! Even brand-spanking new boats do! Whitby's have some "common" problems which can be read about by joining the Whitby / Brewers Owners Association (dues are something like $10 a year, and they're not too fussy about how often you pay up) and then asking for copies of past newsletters. I think they also have a website now, but I've never tried to visit it... you might Google it and see what comes up.

Keep in mind that Whitby's were made in two different places (Whitby, Canada and Fort Meyers, Florida)... except ours, which was made in BOTH places, but that's another story! Not every mistake made at one location was made at the other. Also keep in mind that the problems you read about for Whitby’s may be specific to Whitby's... but other boat models will have other problems. It is just the nature of boats. Better to read up on the "usual" problems of the specific boat type you are looking at, whether it is a Whitby, Morgan, Island Packet, etc. than to think you won't encounter problems. All boats are compromises! All boats have problems!

Tell us more about what your plans are and when we get "settled" in Key West in a week or so, I'll try to answer your questions, give you some pointers on what WE consider important in a cruising boat and that sort of thing.

Life's a trip!


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