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Hi Claudia!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write all that wonderful information! We really appreciate it! Barry and I read it together, and printed it out to put in our boat book- a binder we have about Whitby's. You have a delicious sense of humor! We are very aligned on the worry vs optimism scale.

Barry just got back from a week of solo sailing on our little Hunter. He went to Ocracoke, not a small feat alone, as it is an eight hour sail after you get close to the sound - with no autopilot. He could hardly take time to pee, let alone eat, and he got very good at heaving to and organized quick trips below. Then he anchored out all over the Neuse, upper broad creek, south river, Oriental. He came back so relaxed and much more confident and gung-ho about cruising. I stayed home with the dogs and worked my self to a nub at my job, took migraine meds every day -I am starting to count the months till I can retire - I am working 55 hrs. a week and feel like I could still use more time! me at the office. Last week I decided screw it and kept myself to 45. Working for a new non profit is hard work! Add to that I work with mentally ill substance abusing criminals!!!! Anyway.... I hope the Fantasy Fest was great, kept thinking about you down there in the Battleground state - Thank God the election is almost here - sick of all the ads hope everything goes well in Fla tomorrow!, the hype is amazing.

We know for sure that in 2008 we won't be here for the next one. Speaking of that - do you have a TV? Do you miss it if not? How do you get your news? Or don't you care? B said he didn't miss TV at all. Do you have a dog on board? We are going to see two Whitbyís on the 20th and 21st in Virginia. Thanks for the tip on IP 38 - I like them also. Another one that has caught our eye lately is a Morgan 43. Are you familiar with them? They also have a neat layout, and are center cockpit. If you see anything good for sale let us know!. Where are you going next? We are going to a raft up in South River this weekend with our sailing club, we all are dressing like pirates, should be fun.

Take care - Jo

Hi Jo,

Our engine is a 85hp Ford Lehman. Roger's opinion is that 7000 hours on a well maintained Ford Lehman shouldn't be too much. Our engine is newer than the 1980 hull... It was repowered with a 1992 before we bought her. American Diesel in VA can answer your questions about Ford Lehmanís, if that was the engine you were looking at.

TV... so far we have been able to get at least one network station every place we have gone EXCEPT Key West. We have an antennae on our spreaders. Here we listen to the radio for news and out of the country we can get news by shortwave radio. I DO miss some of my favorite TV programs, but that's life! We have a DVD player and have brought along some DVD's of our favorite shows... West Wing, Sex and the City, Six Feet Under.

We don't have animals. We love dogs and always had them until we started making our living on the high seas, but have divested ourselves of animals ever since. We have teddy bears instead... they eat less and don't have to be walked as often! We've seen boats with dogs on board... its a LOT of work taking them for walks! We feel for the animals. We think it must be tough on them. The only times we feel it works is with small dogs who have been raised on board. They learn to poop and pee on deck from the beginning and at least aren't crossing their legs all day waiting for their owners to come back.

Cores: Our understanding is that the Whitby's are all solid 'glass from the waterline down. This is what we have found to be the case on our boat. Above the water line they have a plywood core.

Roger's dream boat was a Morgan OI 41. That's what we were looking for when we found the Whitby. I didn't have an opinion, not having seen that many boats... but when we came across the Whitby, I knew it was a boat I could live on! My big concern over the Morganís was the fact that Roger couldn't stand up in them... I couldn't see him "ducking" for all the years we owned the boat. And I had heard that the Morganís sail REALLY poorly! Roger says he was disappointed not to have gotten "his" dreamboat until we had owned this one for about two weeks! Now he says he would never go back to wanting a Morgan! This boat really does sail nicely and when we DO get around to putting the sails up, its nice to have a boat that sails well!

Life's a trip!


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