Message in a Bottle
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Periodically Claudia & Roger cast bottles with messages into the ocean. Occasionally, they have been found. I'm not sure if preparing the bottles or getting them back is more fun. Zac was the first to contact them, and I suspect that getting a response from Zac was, by far, the best part.

Zac found the bottle with the message.


Dear Mr & Mrs Sundman:

My name is Zac. I am 9 years old and live in Fresno, California. My family took a vacation to Key West this past summer. I found your message in a bottle on June 13, 2004. It had traveled to an island 5 miles past Key West. While on the ship "Danger", we took a kayak trip. Your bottle was caught in mangrove tree roots. I was very excited to find your message. I keep your bottle in my room, to remember Key West. I hope you have a great year.

Your friend,