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Miami January 13, 2004

January 13, 2004
Miami is mellow and has easy access to shopping, in addition to great public transportation, much of which is either free or 25¢.  We are having a good time, but we're getting ready to head further south.

Miami Buddha - January 15, 2004

January 15, 2004

Met this wonderful life sized Buddha in a shop in Miami.  I had to take his picture.  It wasn't until later that I realized how beautiful the background was! The Buddha is 300 to 400 years old and originally from Burma. 

Sunset over Key West  David Noble 2004 - February 13, 2004

February 13, 2004
Key West is LOTS! of fun!  We're having a great time - getting lots of exercise!  You should hear Roger's horn - Sounds like a rubber ducky!

Key West "Free Range" Chicken, February 21, 2004

February 21, 2004
Key West's motto is "we are all one human family" and tolerance is the order of the day. . . Which even extends to the chicken population.  The chickens roam everywhere in Key West.  Come to Paradise and get a free sunrise wake up call!

April 22, 2004
Key West Trio
This unlikely trio is regular part of the Duval Street traffic.  The cat rides on the back of the dog.  The mouse rides on the back of the cat.  The guy with the tip bucket says that for a $50 tip, he'll get the mouse to say "Cheese" for your photo! I didn't pay to see if it were true.

May 2, 2004
This guy is an absolute NUT! And my favorite act at the nightly "Sunset Celebration" at Key West's Mallory Square.  Because I am too frugal to actually pay $2 for one of Dominique's postcards I had to volunteer to help in the act to earn one - I had a really good time! He treats his cats with love and affection & they obviously adore him in return.

May 11, 2004
We rode the Schooner "Western Union" in the "Bloody Battle" for the "Conch Republic"!  A good fight was put on by all participants.  We came to the battle loaded up with fresh pancakes for ammo - they could be tossed with a Frisbee action!  We discovered however, that the best ammo was pickled hard boiled eggs.  Next year  - eggs! Everyone got soaked to the bone from water cannons.  We had a blast!

Tortugas PostmarkMay 31, 2004
We are having a GREAT time at Dry Tortugas!  The weather has been perfect - gentle winds and clear skies!  We are anchored where you see the boats anchored in the photo - but this photo is at least three years old.  Three years ago the channel between the two islands closed in naturally, and there is now a land bridge where the charts show 30' of water. 

Doat in Dumpster
September 20, 2004
You know, - we've often thought how much easier it might be to just chuck the whole darn boat into the dumpster! You have to admire who ever it was that actually did it! We're "on the hard" now - plan on "splashing" next week. Hopefully we'll start moving again soon.
Dry Tortugas from the Air Located 68 miles west of Key West, 
			Fort Jefferson is the largest 19th century coastal fort and is surrounded by the most pristine coral reefs in the continental United States
December 27, 2004
Merry Christmas from Dry Tortugas! We have been lucky enough to hook up with some old friends of ours with lots of Blue Water experience to make the crossing with. We may get good weather early next week. Happy New Year!
One of three different
			views of the most important marinas and beaches of Isla Mujeres.  Click to see more!
Mexico PostmarkJanuary 7, 2005
Isla Mujeres is great! We're having lots of fun - we'll have even more onece we convine the bank we really are here making purchases. They've decided it's fraud & have shut down our accounts! Bummer! Felice Anos!
Belize -Downtown Caye Caulker
Mexico PostmarkApril 23 , 2005
Caye Caulker is a whole new experience! There's very much a Carribeab feel. Vey Laid back & memmow - even the dogs are mellow! Strangely, there is a good deal of Asian influence, so Chinese food is the take-out choice & the grocery stores sell things like rice noodles & huge cans of water chestnuts. The roads are all dirt, so bicycles, golf carts & John Deere tractors are the only forms of land transport. Having a great time!

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