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Throw Rope Cover




A Rope cover protects the line and keeps it out of the way.

Throw Rope Cover

We keep our horseshoe float attached to the boat by means of a polypropeline line. The poly rope floats, which is a feature you want as you may be dragging this float behind you while maneuvering during a Man Overboard situation.

The problem with poly rope is that it does not hold up well against UV light. We had "learned" that it was time to replace our rope two times in a row by finding flakes of deteriorated rope on deck. We're glad we didn't need to USE the rope when it was in this deplorable condition! To solve this UV light problem, I sewed this pouch out of ripstop nylon. It keeps the poly rope shaded from UV light.

I also wrapped and sewed ripstop nylon along the two feet of line at either end. These ends stick out of the bag and would get sunburned if not protected. The nylon bag also serves the purpose of keeping the line contained and loosely flaked. Before I made the bag, we would coil and wrap the poly rope... which kept it off the deck and under foot!, but then it wasn't available for quick deployment in an emergency.



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